Rick Perry on possible 2016 presidential run: ‘America is a great place for second chances’

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer

Facing off with late night show host Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday morning, Rick Perry advised the ABC funny man that he does interviews while packing heat.

“I do interviews with a gun,” Perry said — presumably joking, but who knows? — after Kimmel recounted how the Texas governor once killed a coyote during a jog and questioned why he would carry a gun on his runs.

Perry also explained to Kimmel his position on decriminalizing marijuana and whether he is considering another presidential run in 2016.

“Why would you run for president? I mean, it didn’t go that great last time,” Kimmel quipped.

“You know, America is a great place for second chances,” Perry retorted.

“Jimmy Kimmel Live” is filming in Austin, Texas this week during the South by Southwest conference.

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