Grandmother and 10 year old are served weed-tainted pizza

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Grandmother Ava Farley and her 10 year old grandson Clintay Jones believe they got high from eating tainted, mushroom pizza over the weekend. The pair ingested the pizza at a local Los Angeles pizza shop, and subsequently noticed a change in their behavior.

Farley told CBS2 that Jones, “started cussing, going off, talking crazy, ran out the door butt naked.” She felt, “a rush, sweating, heart beating real fast.” They both went to the ER where their urine tested positive for marijuana.

Farley’s granddaughters also ate the pizza, but didn’t have the mushrooms, so they believe it was the mushrooms that were the culprit. The pizza shop’s owner, Eduardo Selbereo, vehemently denied any marijuana being present in the food or food preparation area.

Selbereo said, “No, that’s incredible, because nobody smokes marijuana right here.” The shop currently has a 95 out of 100 rating from the LA County Department of Health. Police are currently investigating where the marijuana could have come from.

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