Hockey fans sue over beer size

Sam Scorzo Contributor
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Don’t think you can scam hockey fans when it comes to beer and get away with it.

Idaho Steelheads fans are suing the CenturyLink Arena after two fans revealed in a YouTube video that the large beer priced at $7 actually holds the same amount of beer as the regular draft priced at $4.

Heath Forsey and Gwen Gibbs were responsible for exposing the discrepancy.

President of the Steelheads and CenturyLink Arena Eric Trapp was quick to apologize to fans, telling the Idaho Statesman: “Shame on us. We should have been more attentive. We want to take care of it. We’re certainly going to take it under advisement and fix it.”

On the team’s Facebook page, Trapp wrote that the arena would be changing the 20-ounce large beer to 24 ounces to provide “better value” for its fans before the Steelheads’ next game on Wednesday.

“We think they should call the large beer the ‘Heath and Gwen’ size so we’ll be immortalized on their menu,” Gibbs told the Statesman.

But even with this change, the regular size beer would still be a better value. To purchase 48 ounces of beer, fans could either buy two larges for $14 or three regulars for $12.

Forsey, Gibbs and two other fans were not fully appeased by the apology and promise of change. They were hoping for some sort of concession for being ripped off over the past five years, and are proceeding with their plan to sue the arena for $10,000 in damages.

CenturyLink also hosts the Idaho Stampede NBA development team and concerts. It was only the hockey fans that realized the Boise arena’s beer trick.