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“That feeling when you restrain yourself from texting/calling someone you want to….it sucks.” — TheBlazeOliver Darcy.

Hey Tyler, blessing in disguise? 

“You know what sucks? When your former boss unfollows you from Twitter.” — conservative radio host Tyler McNally, based in Springfield, Va.

Words of Wisdom

“Twitter’s like a bar where the same drunks go every night to have the same damn fight about the same damn thing.” — TheBlazeT. Beckett Adams. 

The Mirror Questionnaire with BuzzFeed‘s Benny Johnson 

“I will keep working for BF until the cats on the Internet run out.” — Johnson. Read the whole thing here.

Happy now? 

“I’m not sure what constitutes ‘the right amount of anxiety,’ but we are all imprudent and a tad unhinged at some point; I certainly have been, and I don’t recommend it.” — The Washington Examiner’s Mark Tapscott on a professor’s unusual theory about leading a happy life. Read the full story here.

Luke Russert: a junior weatherman 

“Wind is INTENSE” — NBC congressional reporter Luke Russert in response to NBC4’s Doug Kammerer, who warned, “We are live in 3 minutes on #NBC4 Lots of wind and be prepared for the#COLD in the morning. It is #NASTY

Speaking of TV people off their usual beats…

“Wake up and listen to fury of the southerly winds. #DC” — ABC and CNN’s Donna Brazile.

The Observer 

“Something I learned from watching Letterman tonight: Sylvester Stallone has enormously large hands.” — Politico columnist Roger Simon.

Travel Bitches

“Delta was trying to rebook me for the second time today (!) because they didn’t think I could make connection. I’m faster than they think.” — Libby Nelson, soon to be an education reporter for Vox Media.

Conversation Between Two Reporters 

Our conversationalists today are Politico’s Patrick Gavin and BuzzFeed’s Andrew Kaczynski. 

GAVIN: I want an RSS reeder that shows you the same story just once even though BuzzFeedGawkerViralNovaMashableAtlanticWire all aggregated it.

KACQYNSKI: That and three strategists on what it means for 2016 and you have a good Politico story.

GAVIN: zing!

KACZYNSKI: You thought that was zing? I was being serious.

GAVIN: I could make a cat gif joke but then both of us would be engaging in inaccurate generalizations.



Heartfelt apology to Townhall‘s Katie Pavlich 

On Wednesday Pavlich got extremely upset by a story I wrote about the Breitbart CPAC party. And I am here to say that I am so sorry that she can’t cope with a party post that somehow offends her delicate sensibilities. Come on, did you guys really think I was going to apologize to Ms. Pavlich? The only thing her managing editor Kevin Glass had to say, jokingly, was why wasn’t my name on the list? Even Breitbart News’ Brandon Darby (with whom Pavlich has been romantically linked) seemed to have more strength to withstand the post. “You write that like it’s a bad thing,” he quipped on Twitter in response to my post quoting a partygoer saying the Breitbart CPAC party had an “anything can happen, orgy vibe.” Darby also had this astute tweet later in the day: “Ever noticed how some of the folks who talk the most about Jesus on social media are the ones who act the least like him?” The guests found the Breitbart party exciting and “horny” and “drunken” and very un-DC. In most circles, that’s a good thing. But people like Pavlich are free to interpret it any way they choose.