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Ronan Farrow is “anti-establishment” because he worked for the State Department

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I missed this the other night because it involved listening to the sound of Stephen Colbert’s voice, but it’s an amazing glimpse into the mind of a young genius who is smarter than you because he’s more intelligent:

The Colbert Report
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Colbert is so great. He says things that are self-evidently true, but he’s saying them in character. And his character is a crazy right-wing kook. (“The louder you are, the righter you are!”) That means you can dismiss the obvious truth, because it’s coming from a clown. Whew.

Anyway, back to Ronan. He describes his ideology thusly:

“It’s not right or left. And honestly, that comes from having served in government, being fed up with how broken the system is, and then coming out with not a right or left bent, but an anti-establishment bent.”

Wait. Is Ronan Farrow saying that an enormous, unaccountable government agency is the establishment?

Well, yeah. And every step in his life and career, the establishment has made Farrow whatever it is he’s supposed to be now. He lives within a protective bubble, a force-field generated by the establishment. With apologies to one of the men suspected of being Ronan’s biological father: Every step he takes, every move he makes, the establishment’s been watching out for him.

Now he’s saying the system is broken, which he learned because Hillary was running that system at the time and hired him. The job was created specifically for him. They cleared out a space within the system and plopped him right in the middle. I wonder what Hillary thinks about him saying things like this now?

I mean, this man-child thinks of himself as an outsider now because he works for MSNBC? Yeah, dude, fight the power! Ugh.

Americans don’t like sheltered, delusional children of privilege telling them how to live their lives. That’s why nobody’s watching Ronan’s lame-brained show.

Just kidding! See what I did there? I learned it from you, Stephen Colbert. I learned it by watching you.

(Hat tip: Matt Wilstein)

P.S. Whoops, looks like I used the wrong pic for this post. They look so much alike, I get ’em mixed up.