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Will “House of Cards” move production out of Maryland for tax reasons?

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This news is a little old, but somehow I missed it in my rush to not binge-watch the entire second season of the show.

Jenna Johnson, WaPo, Feb. 20:

A few weeks before Season 2 of “House of Cards” debuted online, the show’s production company sent Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley a letter with this warning: Give us millions more dollars in tax credits, or we will “break down our stage, sets and offices and set up in another state…”

Both seasons of “House of Cards” were filmed in Maryland, mostly in Baltimore and Harford County, although the House chamber in Annapolis was used as a set.

In addition to bringing a burst of buzz and excitement, the show created nearly 6,000 jobs and pumped more than $250 million into the state economy, economic development officials say.

Well, we can’t have that. Away with ye, One-Percenters!

I gave up on the second season of this silly show after finishing the episode where the Latino guy from The Shield played a Republican Congressman who kept whining about the Tea Party. “They’ve got me by the teabags!” I didn’t quit watching because of that. It’s just a boring show. But that part was extra-dumb.

Now it turns out the producers of the show are a bunch of tax-dodging teabaggers themselves! Isn’t that unpatriotic? Why do they hate America? Why are they so racist?

Liberals love taxes. Until it’s time to pay.