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The covert war Washington won’t acknowledge [VIDEO]

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Americans need to realize that their economy is under constant attack, says author Kevin Freeman.

That’s why Freeman has written a new book, “Game Plan: How to Protect Yourself from the Coming Cyber-Economic Attack,” to help citizens prepare for darker economic times.

“If we really peel back all that’s going on, and we get to the basis that we are in a global economic war, and we understand that, and we understand why we are vulnerable and what we can do about it, then people are enlightened and they are motivated to do something about it,” Freeman said.

In the second of a two-part video interview with Freeman, he discusses four vulnerabilities to the American economy — threats to our electrical grid, the weakening of our currency, intensifying cyber-attacks and the intentional manipulation of our financial markets to destroy world confidence in our economy.

He also reveals how Washington is reacting to his persistent meetings and efforts to prod decision-makers to fortify our vulnerabilities before it is too late.

Freeman quotes outgoing National Security Agency director, Gen. Keith Alexander, who said on “60 Minutes,” “There are enemy nation states who have the capability right now to destroy our financial system.”

Kevin Freeman Game Plan

(Photo: Grae Stafford / The Daily Caller)

Freeman recently met with former senior military leaders from the Obama administration, who admit that Freeman’s warnings and reports have been “read and received.” Yet Freeman was told that for the administration to admit the problem would reflect poorly on them and could “cause a panic.” Both results are undesirable, he was told.

But Freeman has confidence in the American people and has written “Game Plan” to tell them the truth and urge them to make prudent investments and changes to their lifestyles.

“What do I think the right answer is? We’re in an economic war,” he said. “It’s reality. We didn’t ask for it. It’s been foisted on us. We need to respond to it, and we need to mobilize the American people.”

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