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Attention HuffPost bosses: Reporter searches for ways to waste time

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Here at The Daily Caller, when boredom sets in, people drink, go winter boot shopping, fry a turkey on the sidewalk, wreck havoc on Twitter with the word “applesauce” or put trashcans over their heads. From time to time we all blow off work, doing anything we can to avoid a deadline or task at hand. But do we all announce to the world (and our supervisors) that we’re doing it?

Here we have the famed HuffPost‘s Elise Foley, who, like most Washington reporters, spends a heap of her day on Twitter and other online modes of communication. Today she admitted that life is just not the same without Gchat.



But please, Arianna, Sam Stein and Ryan Grim, before you come down too hard on Elise, she appears to have tapped a nerve for others who are also clearly pained and suffering without a constant Gchat option in their lives.

“This is the worst!” sympathized the strangely spelled Meghann Farnsworth out of Oakland, Calif.

And Media Matters is also not faring so well without gChat. “Oh good so it’s not just us!” emoted Hilary Tone, a local dancer as well as the education director/editor at Media Matters, whose handle is naturally @HToneTastic.

Later on, Elise grew so bored that she began analyzing a certain aspect of Gchat. “It feels way weirder to email people more than once in a row without a reply than to gchat more than once in a row without a reply #analyisis,” she wrote, followed by this: “Way more weird? Way weirder? Someone help me speak English.” 

At which point HuffPost Media jumped in to (no doubt, lovingly) mock her.

Further proof that Elise needs to enter the office meditation chamber: “Everyone who sits behind me in the office is out today, so no one will know I just watched part of a Taylor Swift music video. Until now,” she wrote.

Please note: Before I could publish this, I semi-seriously planned a sledding voyage on Twitter that may or may not happen depending on whether we can steal trashcan lids.