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Baby girl tries to eat reporter’s recorder during interview

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Journalists can get tangled in all kinds of complications during an interview. The tape recorder fails. Crazy bystanders invade live shots. Hurricane winds blow the hat off a  reporter’s head. In the case of a reporter in Massachusetts, it was an adorable baby girl who threatened to destroy the interview of a journalist attempting to interview State Sen. Linda Dorcena Forry (D).

As the senator rattled on about her first time hosting the St. Patty’s Day breakfast, her baby, little Miss Norah Forry, the real star of the show, continuously tried to steal (or else eat, we’re not quite sure what the motive was) the reporter’s recorder, even getting near tears and meltdown when the reporter kept pulling it away.

MassLiveNews‘ politics and crime scribe Garrett Quinn osted the interview and wrote on Twitter, “Cute alert: Watch as 1-year-old Norah Forry attempts to eat my recorder while I interview her mom.”

Quinn is also a contributor to Reason as well as the Irish Daily Mirror.

Watch here.