Forget armored cars, LAPD takes delivery of its latest police cruiser

Grae Stafford Freelance Photographer
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The Los Angeles Police Department has a new $180,000 toy to play with. Like other chic police departments in Dubai, London and Italy, LA now has a V10 powered, 500 horse power Lamborghini Gallardo decked out in the iconic black and white livery of the Los Angeles Police Department.

However, any budding OJ Simpsons can rest assures that they will not have to worry about the 190 mile per hour Italian bull popping up in their rear view mirror. The car will be spending its life doing such pedestrian activities as attending charitable events put on by LAPD Support teams.

Budget hawks concerned with the state of California’s public finances, which accurately mirror the 405 during rush hour, can also enjoy LAPD’s newest arrival with a clean conscience because the Gallardo has been donated to the LAPD by LA locals Nathalie and Travis Marg of telecommunications contractor Light Source 1.

Although, with the State of California facing a budget shortfall of nearly $28 billion dollars, perhaps showing off a new Lamborghini (even if it is on loan) is not a very tactful move.

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