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Deep thoughts with John Harwood 

“Annals of journalism: to diminish the points someone is making, call them “talking points” (though pretty much all points made by talking).” — CNBC and NYT‘s Harwood.

Weekend cuisine 

“Fermented shark meat tastes about as horrible as you’d imagine but not much worse.” — Free Beacon‘s CJ Ciaramella.

NYT tardy with journo’s Sunday paper 

“The @nytimes is making a pretty convincing case for the deserving death of print by repeatedly failing to deliver my Sunday paper by 11:30.” — Andrew Rice, contributing editor, New York Magazine.

Embarrassing Twitter typos

“If you were wanted to steal a plane for use in a future attack, wouldn’t you want very few passengers and to burn minimal fuel?” — TIME senior correspondent Michael Crowley, who followed up with this: “Only 140 characters and I still manage to make typos. Sigh.”

Speaking of Twitter typos…

“Consider is my monthly apology for all the typos in my tweets. Congenital disorder.” — Former NPR President and CEO Vivian Schiller, now Head of News for Twitter.

The Observer

“If the Senate goes to the GOP in 2014, you can kiss goodbye to the era of legislative productivity we are currently enjoying.” — HuffPost’s Sam Stein.

NYT Vs. WaPo reporters: Who’s worse? 

“Figured out difference between NYT and WaPo people on twitter. NYT reporters just retweet their critics. WaPo people get defensive, freakout.” — HufPost’Jason Cherkis.

Memo to TV bookers…

“I’m available to cable nets as MH730 expert. I spent a week or two there….50 years ago. Also, have flown on many airplanes.” — Jeff Greenfield, political analyst.

Image outrage

“There is NO way my @klout score is that low!” — Josiah Daniel Ryan, Breaking News Editor, TheBlaze.

Go what?

“I love like a brother @BrucePurple but I pray @dukebasketball wins this. #gococks!” — MSNBC’s Jimmy Williams.

Media whore gone wild 

“THANKS to @peoplemag for the INTERVIEW… When is my last BLOG being POSTED?” — ABC’s The Bachelor‘s Juan Pablo Galavis.

Humility is…

“While I won’t be running for Governor, a race I would have won, I have much bigger plans in mind.” — Real estate mogul and the always hilarious overinflated Donald Trump.

Journo ingests melting plastic (or so he thinks) 

“Nothing like a bottle of water that leaves hints of melted plastic lingering in the mouth.” — BuzzFeed‘s Dorsey Shaw.


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