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#NotAllMuslims blow themselves up trying to plant car bomb

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There’s nothing funny about suicide bombers. Except when it’s unintentional, and they don’t manage to kill anybody else.

Yemen Post:

Security officials in the south-eastern province of Shabwa confirmed on Sunday that five alleged terror militants were killed in an explosion in the Haban region of Shabwa while they were working on attaching explosive charges onto a vehicle…

A local tribal chief told Xinhua, “About five terrorists were killed while trying to plant explosives and prepare a suicide car bomb to target and kill army forces in Shabwa province, but suddenly it exploded and killed themselves.”

Security sources explained that the men had already been identified as members of al-Qaeda Yemen.

Bada-bing, bada-bang, bada-buh-bye.

A long time ago, I coined the term “splodeydopes” to describe guys like this. I think we should bring it back. Way to go, splodeydopes!

(Hat tip: JWF)

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Jim Treacher