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CNN’s Tapper: ‘Like most neurotic journalists, we’re focused on how we can be better’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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On Tuesday CNN’s “The Lead” hosted by Jake Tapper celebrated its first birthday.

My how fast a year goes.

Asked how he feels about the momentous occasion, Tapper told The Mirror, “I’m very proud of my team, which has performed admirably this past year during all sorts of breaking and tragic news events on our watch, from the Boston Marathon bombing to the Moore, Oklahoma, tornado, to the Navy Yard shooting and more. We’ve been fortunate to have some fascinating and important stories, like the NSA surveillance program to the Russian incursion into Ukraine, as well as some great guests, from President Obama to Senator Cruz, Leader Pelosi to Speaker Boehner, Secretary Kerry to Governor Christie, from the hilarious Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogen and Stephen Colbert to those who have more touching and personal stories to tell. We’ve also had amazing support from Jeff Zucker and CNN, as well as brilliant panelists willing to come and share their wisdom. We feel lucky, but of course like most neurotic journalists we’re most focused on how we can be better, and that’s where we’re focusing our energy.”

Happy Birthday to “The Lead.” We look forward to tantrums, feet stomping and the terrible twos.