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Meet the next governor of Texas: Wendy Davis

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Hey, don’t take it from me. Take it from the never-wrong-about-anything Sally Kohn at the Daily Beast.

This week, a new poll showed Sen. Davis within just seven points of her Republican opponent, Attorney General Greg Abbott. The poll shows that 42 percent of Texas voters back Davis, compared to 49 percent for Abbott. Now, put in the context of the 2002 Texas gubernatorial election—in which Republican Rick Perry won by almost 18 points over his leading Democratic rival—and the seven percent gap between Davis and Abbott is impressive. In the context of previous polls that showed Abbott widening his lead over Davis, this new poll is even more stunning. Wendy Davis has a serious shot at becoming the next governor of Texas.

Not just a shot. A serious one. It’s stunning! Aren’t you stunned?

Wendy’s campaign and its adherents really do seem confident in victory. That’s why they keep mocking Greg Abbott for being in a wheelchair. Plus, the media loves her because she made a brave stand for a woman’s right to kill her baby. She later backed down from that position, and there are now doubts that she even understood what she was doing, but still. Good, right?

So remember on election day: Sally Kohn called it first. Good work, Sally. And congratulations in advance, Governor Davis!

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