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 Shitting on Nate Silver’s blog… There’s no shortage of critics for ESPN’s Nate Silver‘s newly launched blog, FiveThreeEight. Here’s two: one from Think Progress about one of Silver’s writer’s ignoring scientific data, another from The New Republic about the all around stupidity of Nate Silver and all his ideas. In the TNR piece, Leon Wieseltier takes a raw bite out of Silver. One can envision a physical brawl between the two with Leon and his fierce, fluffy white mane swooping in to overpower Silver in his nerdfest glasses. He writes, “He is the hedgehog who knows only one big thing. And his thing may not be as big as he thinks it is.” All in all, all this criticism for Silver is only making me want to read him more to see what the fuss is about. Read here and here.

At the Daily Mail lurks Amanda Priestly with a penis… The New York Observer story on how the Daily Mail grew to be one of the most read news sites in the world. The man to fear: Martin Clarke, whose outbursts are reportedly quite legendary. See here.

How have these nice Jewish boys wrecked so much havoc? A naughty vs. nice calendar of course. Read the New York Post story for further dirty details. There’s everything, a potential lawsuit, “sexy” Jewish guys and more.

Yes, this involves Kim Kardashian, but it’ll blow your mind. Kim undercover…read here.