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Charlie Rangel sure does hate white people, huh?

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Just kidding! Some of his best friends are white. Plus, he’s not a Republican, and therefore nothing he says can be racist.

Colin Campbell, NY Observer:

The veteran Harlem Democrat [Charlie Rangel] last night declared that the conservative activists are not only difficult to deal with, but that it’s hard to work with anyone, such as President Barack Obama, who “really thought … that he could deal with the Tea Party.”

“It’s hard for me to explain how you work with a president that thought that he could really deal with the Republican leadership,” argued Mr. Rangel, speaking on NY1′s Inside City Hall about what the federal government could do to prevent more tragedies like last week’s massive building collapse in East Harlem…

Mr. Rangel proceeded to get even more direct, calling Tea Party members “mean, racist people” who still cherish the Confederate flag.

Of course, if prompted, Rangel would say the same thing about the original Boston Tea Party. Or any other gathering of white people in history. It doesn’t have to be true. It just has to set people against each other.

It’s no surprise that this corrupt old buzzard is still race-baiting, after five full years of failure from Obama. What else is he going to say? That his ideas don’t work? That he’s filled with hatred for people who don’t look like him? That he’s got a good scam going and he doesn’t want those crackers screwing it all up?

By the way, if you’re not white and yet you agree with anything the Tea Party believes, that means you’re technically white. Sorry, traitor, but you should’ve thought of that before you decided to think for yourself.