More of Lindsay Lohan’s sex victims named

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Last week, a (supposed) handwritten list of all of the famous men Lindsay Lohan has slept with wound up in the hands of a tabloid, which then exposed many of the 36 embarrassed dudes on the list, including Justin Timberlake, James Franco and Zac Efron.

(While this all seems like private — and gross — information that shouldn’t be public, Lohan hasn’t said or done anything to make us think that she is less than proud of these conquests.)

LL sex list

Now, In Touch Weekly has un-blurred some more of the names (because apparently this is a three-part series?), revealing some more of Hollywood’s newly discovered eskimo brothers. Seriously, the game should now be One-and-a-Half Degrees of Lindsay Lohan rather than Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

They include Ashton Kutcher (of course), Ryan Phillipe (come on, man), Benicio Del Toro (clearly he likes them young) and Orlando Bloom (poor guy).

Four names on the list remain blurred out. The names must be pretty incriminating if In Touch won’t publish them, or the tabloid is saving the best for last. Who could they be?!

Place your bets in the comments.

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