Someone wrote a play about BP oil spill, featured oil as a main character

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Playwright Leigh Fondakowski has written a play, “Spill,” told through the voices of people affected by the BP oil spill. In the play she has characters ranging from oystermen, family of the victims and, of course, oil itself.

Fondakowski told NPR that oil, “is like a living thing. It has gas in it, and sometimes it kicks. It’s like breaking a wild horse.” The play has a recreation of the actual oil rig explosion, pieced together through court testimony.

“Spill” goes on to deal with the aftermath specifically in the oystermen communities and surviving family members. Keith Jones, who lost his son in the rig explosion was interviewed for the play. He said, “never accept what anyone says — oil company employees, executives, drilling companies’ employees or executives, politicians. Never accept anything they say on face value. Always know that everything they say is motivated by the dollar.”

Fondakowski, who is famous for writing a play about the Matthew Shepard murder in Wyoming, said she was inspired to write the play after seeing dolphin carcasses being autopsied. As theDC has mentioned before, dolphins are not cuddly creatures, but are actually known to almost drown humans while trying to rape them. (SEE RELATED: Fiendish Flipper: Dolphins will rape and kill you.)

The play is being performed in Baton Rouge through March 30.

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