This painting of George Washington dunking on dictators is breathtaking

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Last month, Reddit user fact_school_cat made an open request to the online forum for a custom painting of the Founding Fathers playing basketball.

“There is not nearly enough art depicting our country’s Founders playing basketball, a game which was not invented until 100 years after the final colony ratified the Constitution,” the user wrote. “I want this art.”

“I haven’t quite decided on content, but I’m thinking either a team of Founding Fathers versus international enemies (think Kim Jong Eun — a real basketball fan) or versus a team of my least favorite players (think Andray Blatche),” the Redditor wrote. “The game should probably take place in Philadelphia’s basketball arena.”

Fellow Redditor I_may_be_Dead rose to the occasion. He posted his final work for the admiring public to view. It has George Washington dunking over an astonished Kim Jong-Un, while Abraham Lincoln boxes out Joseph Stalin in the background.

Washington dunking all over errybody

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