Thomas Roberts exposes Mike Barnicle’s ‘straight, white, male’ privilege

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Whenever Joe Scarborough takes a day off, I have a simple rule for judging whether or not Morning Joe is worth watching. If there is more Thomas Roberts than Willie Geist, that’s a warning sign. And if Al Sharpton is also part of the equation, I turn it off.

Luckily for me, I didn’t take this advice today — for I would have missed someone finally calling out Mike Barnicle for his “straight, white, male” privilege. (I know. Someone finally said it!)

The topic had to do with equality for women, and Barnicle seemed genuinely taken aback over Thomas Roberts’ insinuation that he wasn’t qualified to fully understand the plight of women. “What was that about,” Barnicle asked, before pathetically arguing that “it’s about equity” (meaning that, yes, a straight, white, male could get it).

Was it all a joke, or was there an element of truth in there? You can watch the video here: