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Reporter wants to fight fussy baby on airplane

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Shouldn’t babies be banned on airplanes at this point or at least stuffed into the overhead compartment?

Anyhow, this morning just before 9a.m. the complaining began from Washington Free Beacon senior writer Adam Kredo, who reached out to his gal pals over at BuzzFeed, Katherine Miller and Rosie Gray, for moral support. He started off rather tame, writing, “I’m a super lucky guy. I get to sit on a plane for the next 5 hours and listen to some person’s terrible baby cry and moan.”

Things soon grew more graphic.


Rosie groused, “Ugh, babies are annoying.”

In this day and age, even the baby replied, saying, “@babyonanairplane: I’m a super lucky baby. I get to sit on a plane for the next 5 hours and listen to some terrible @Kredoo cry and moan.”

Rosie soon got curious and put her reporter skills to work, inquiring, “Is it the huge baby?” Kredo: “If only! I’d eat pie with it. Sadly, this is just your run of the mill awful, angry baby with sad, defeated parents.” What ensued next was a series of tweets on a 43-pound baby featured in the Daily Mail. For example, Kredo asked, “Can you imagine changing that diaper?” Free Beacon‘s Managing Editor Sonny Bunch jumped in with: “Get that baby a treadmill!”

Others offered advice. Like Kredo’s coworker Bill McMorris, who has two children.

“Eventually the baby will spit out his pacifier,” he wrote. “Dab it in some whiskey and hand it back.”

But another follower, Mister Crow, was less sympathetic. “Try empathy: Parent must hold crying baby for 5 hours,” he wrote. “And they can’t drink.”

Commentary‘s John Podhoretz, of back hair fame and also a parent, appeared to be the voice of reason in this tweeting bunch, writing, “Oh I can’t wait for you all to have kids and then that will be YOU.”

Kredo survived the flight, as did the baby. That was a close one. And for that, we honor you with this grouchy, about to cry his brains out, baby pictured above.