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Calling bullsh-t on EXCLUSIVE!  

“I’m sorry, but the overuse of #BreakingNews will eventually have a reverse effect on news consumers. Like boy who cried wolf. Anyone agree?” — Rebecca Shabad, staff writer, The Hill.

First Tweet: Vox Media’s extremely unkosher Ezra Klein


(Note to readersWe’ll do this feature until we or you gets sick of it, whichever comes first.)

You’ve been warned 

“Sorry, if you respond to every single Tweet with the same shrill, partisan (and boring) sentiment, you get blocked.” — Politico‘s Ben White.

White House journos (and others) react to ABC’s Scandal 

“Whew I need a drink after this and I don’t drink! whew! #scandal” — American Urban Radio’s April Ryan, who saw herself on the last night’s episode.  So the black woman asking questions must have been me as she was sitting in the third row in the middle.  #Scandal.”

“Shonda may have gotten @AprilDRyan right, but she is not getting the media craziness that would ensue if the WH press secretary were killed.” — NBC News White House producer Shawna Thomas.

“It’s only the first #Scandal commercial break and I’m already halfway through my Olivia Pope-sized glass of red wine.” — Jessica Taylor, campaign editor for The Hill.

This Town life wisdom 

“In fact, I’d prefer everyone on Twitter to be a whole lot less credulous all the time. Folks are damn gullible.” — Ace of Spades HQ‘s Gabriel Malor.

The observers

“Dude in salmon color shorts in DC already, stop. Just stop. Now, step away from the boat shoes.” — The Atlantic’s Defense One Editor Kevin Baron.

“I really like all the red cabs now in DC. Most recognizable thing I’ve noticed about change in DC over past 6 months.” — Washington Post’s Tim Craig.

Happiness is…

“International Day of Happiness – What makes YOU happy? Me? Hubs, coffee, BFFs, His love/forgiveness, sunshine, the ocean, dry wit, my pup” — Fox News Washington correspondent Shannon Bream.