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Asia editor calls bullshit on Bloomberg News and quits… Romenesko has the story on the Ben Richardson, who resigned after 13 years for what he deemed was the shady handling of a story reported from China. Brave words: “The sad thing about this is that a small group of incompetent and self-serving managers have screwed things up for everyone else.” Read about the ordeal here.

Ben Sherwood is cagey on whether GMA anchor Josh Elliott should be cut loose… Yeah, yeah, this story in The Hollywood Reporter is about Sherwood’s rise from ABC Prez to the top TV job at Disney. But in a question about Elliott, whose contract is up for negotiation and who wants $8 million to stay — up from his present $1.2 million salary, Sherwood has this great non-answer answer. “We love Josh. We hope Josh is going to stay for a very long time. We don’t comment further on our discussions.” Possible translation: Hey Josh, there’s the door.  See the entire Q & A here.

NYT‘s Paul Krugman and ESPN’s Nate Silver really hate each other…. Perhaps Krugman has a bigger ax to grind. Find out why in a story in Talking Points Memo by Tom Kludt.

Writing about men vs. writing about women… Sometimes the result is startling, at least in this Jezebel piece.

And then I went on Gawker and went down a very bad path that I fully blame on NSFW writer Jay Hathaway… You can join me in my shame spiral by clicking here and here.