Mitch McConnell accidentally uses Duke footage to prove Kentucky pride in campaign ad

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Kentuckians are up in arms about the latest Mitch McConnell campaign ad for using video of Duke basketball — when it should have been University of Kentucky footage. The ad uses only two seconds of the video, but it’s enough to make residents of the blue grass state see red.

Instead of victorious Wildcats, the clip shows the Blue Devils celebrating their 2010 national championship victory, reports WTOP. McConnell spokesman Allison Moore said, “The ad was intended to highlight Kentucky’s basketball dominance and obviously the web ad vendor has become so accustomed to watching national championship celebrations in the bluegrass state that they made a mistake with one of the images. Obviously we were horrified by the error and quickly changed it.”

This mistake comes before the big game between Louisville and Kentucky on Friday to determine who goes on to the elite eight.

The Democrat forerunner against McConnell, Alison Lundergan Grimes, said McConnell has, “been in Washington so long that he doesn’t know the difference between Duke and UK.” Grimes though picked Wichita State over Kentucky in the latest March Madness game and Florida over the state’s own Louisville in the final.


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