Poll: Harry Reid has higher unfavorable numbers than the Koch brothers

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, desperately trying to create a conservative bogeyman for the 2014 election cycle, often takes to the Senate floor to lambast the billionaire Koch brothers for their political contributions to conservative groups.

But a George Washington University Battleground poll released Tuesday indicates that more people have an unfavorable impression of the Nevada lawmaker than the Kochs. Thirty-five percent of those polled say they have a negative impression of Reid, compared to 25 percent for the Kochs.

The national survey polled 1,000 registered likely voters.

When it comes to Charles and David Koch, 12 percent have a favorable impression, 25 percent have an unfavorable impression, 11 percent have no opinion and 52 percent say they have never heard of them.

As for Reid, 24 percent have a favorable impression, 35 percent have an unfavorable impression, 16 percent have no opinion and 25 percent have never heard of him.

While the poll demonstrates Reid’s unpopularity, it is not necessarily bad news for the Democrat. His office appears to be gloating over the fact that nearly half of the people polled are aware of the Koch brothers.

Adam Jentleson, Reid’s spokesman, wrote on Twitter: “If you’d have told me months ago that 48% of people would recognize the Koch brothers by March I’d have called you crazy.”

The Kochs have poured money into the group Americans for Prosperity, which has been running anti-Obamacare ads across the country against vulnerable Democrats.

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