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How open is Michelle Obama to the media? Answer: Not so much. A Washington Post writeup by Krissah Thompson deeply examines media access to the first lady in China and how lame it is. Why you should read it: Who knew Chinese journalists were so aggressive? For someone who is so careful and controlling about her press, Michelle Obama is pretty much bombing lately. Which is why she has to resort to “blogging” about her own trip on Read here.

Congresswoman introduces bill about revenge porn… Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) is one brave woman. Her bill criminalizes jackasses who run lewd material involving their ex’s online just because up until now in most states they can. Why you should read it: You don’t want to be the idiot who doesn’t know what the revenge porn bill is all about. There’s also lots of wonky legal details that are actually pretty interesting. Besides, if there’s a hearing maybe Anthony Weiner can come testify? Read the U.S. News & World Report story by Steven Nelson here

WaPo reporter has a shocking charge about those drunken Secret Service agents… See what “The Fix” blogger Chris Cillizza had to say here. Why you should read it: Pretty surprising for a reporter to say this. Even righty sites haven’t gone there. See the TalkingPointsMemo story here.

Lawmaker passes kidney stone during speech… Why you should read it: This shit doesn’t happen every day. Also: “The kidney stone, naturally, already has its own Twitter account.” See here.

WTF Story of the Day: A “male” kangaroo gives birth in Siberia. Zookeepers took awhile to figure out that he was a she, and no, the animal was not transgender. And who knew baby kangaroos are the size of a cherry? See the BBC story here.