New planet discovered in solar system

Christopher Bedford Editor in Chief, The Daily Caller News Foundation

Turns out there might be another planet in the solar system. Not a big guy. Just about ten times the size of Earth, tucked in there behind Pluto, floating its ass around the sun every few thousand years or whatever.

No biggie.

Just a shadowy ice monster kicking it with rock friends in the Oort cloud.

An article in the scientific journal Nature first disclosed the suggestion of the massive planet’s existence Wednesday. Their evidence is based on a 250-mile wide dwarf planet (awesomely named 2012 VP-113), and how its orbit (4,000 years a pass) hints at the existence of a much, much bigger older brother.

“A rogue planet could have been ejected from our solar system and perturbed their orbits,” astronomer Scott Sheppard of the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, D.C., who coauthored the Nature report, told National Geographic “Definitely, it could still be out there.”

Just lurking.

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