New reality series tricks women into thinking they are dating Prince Harry

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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In what sounds like a reality show concept that was made up for an extra dumb “Saturday Night Live” skit but is actually an actual thing that is happening, FOX is moving forward with a dating series in which women are led to believe that they are competing to date Prince Harry.


“I Wanna Marry ‘Harry'” tricks 12 American women into believing that they are competing for the prince’s heart, when it is actually just some random, ginger British dude, Deadline reports.

“[Twelve] single American girls were whisked away to the palatial Englefield House in Berkshire and spent weeks trying to impress a royal-looking redhead young Brit they were led to believe was Prince Harry,” according to Deadline.

“Prince Harry” is actually a guy named Matthew Hicks who happens to have red hair and an English accent, which is a terrible combination unless you are a wealthy royal. (Kidding! Kind of.)

“I Wanna Marry ‘Harry'” will premiere this summer and it will be fascinating to see the types of women actually believe that they are dating Prince Harry because 1) how do they not know what he looks like? and 2) are people actually that gullible or do they just want to be on television THAT badly?

So. Many. Questions.

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