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16 men in journalism with pussies

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Naturally, we’re talking about cats. And everywhere you turn these days, cats have exploded in the world of men in media as well as online generally. And The Mirror is here to catalog it for you. While BuzzFeed is probably best known for its cat mentions (just a few, right?), there are a lot more men in the industry who have cats in their lives than we ever dreamed.

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16. TR Scoop, a.k.a. Brian Sutton in real life. His cats are Gretchen and Orson. Pollster Frank Luntz made a stink on Twitter as to why TR Scoop wasn’t included on the original list, so we’re including him. Congratulations to Sutton and his two pussies.

15. Mediaite‘s Andrew Kirell: With the subject line “I have 2 pussies,” he explains he has two cats. “Always been a dog person, but my fiancée convinced me to get a pussy two years ago. We managed to adopt the two cats in NYC that act like sweet dogs. I’ve been hooked ever since. Ernest is a Hemingway cat (six-toed) who sprayed me when I first met him. Knew he was the one. And Rosie is a runt that plays fetch like a dog. She’s probably insane.”

14. Evan McMorris-Santoro, White House Correspondent, BuzzFeed. “I married into having a cat. Jenny came with an orange cat named Juno (not after the movie, after the D-Day landing beach.) I am not ashamed to admit that I didn’t care about cats one way or the other before I met Juno, but now I fucking love cats and get all cat person around them.”

13. Pat Buchanan, conservative commentator and ex-MSNBCer, had a tabby cat named Gipper after Ronald Reagan. The cat is now deceased.

12. Kevin Drum, Mother Jones. Horrifying as this is, when he worked at Calpundit, he “pioneered” something called  “Friday catblogging.”

11. Alex Pappas, The Daily Caller, “I am not a cat owner. My wife has a cat.” The cat is giant and orange and is formally named Rhett Butler. Asked if he ever pets the cat, he replied, “I try not to.”

10. Chuck Ross, The Daily Caller, “Girlfriend talked me into getting one when I was drunk one night. He’s great, though I consider myself a dog person but a cat owner.”

9. Andrew Kaczynski, BuzzFeed, constantly tweets about his cat. Most recently, he said, “My cat is being very emo since I started giving her medicine twice daily.” Politico‘s Ben White asked, “Medical marijuana?”

8. Paul ConnerThe Daily Caller, the cat lives at his parents’ place in South Carolina and is named Oliver.

7. Peter Ogburn, producer, Bill Press Show. “I have a glorious pussy,” Ogburn told The Mirror. “She’s still a kitten and her name is Kima. We adopted her from Baltimore, so we named her after a character from The Wire. (We also have a goldendoodle named Wee-Bey who got his name the same way.)” At this point, I politely told Peter that his Goldendoodle had no place on this list. He insisted that Wee-Bey get equal play to Kima. (Eye roll.)

6. Patrick Gavin, Politico. Has been made fun of relentlessly on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” for having cats. Ironically by Joe Scarborough, who also makes this list. “My wife and I have three: Boz, Boo and Shortie,” he informed The Mirror.


5. Will Rahn, The Daily Caller, small female gray tabby named Pickle (pictured above). When discussing her, pickle sometimes gets confused with something else. “I grew up in New York city where you have little apartments. I would love to get a big dog as a German Shepherd, but for right now i live in little apartments, that means little cats.”

4. Josh Greenman, New York Daily News

3. Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon. “I’m currently adopting a cat and have another named Lou,” he said.

2. Ian Schwartz, RealClearPolitics. “He’s black and his name is Deacon (long story, he was my old roommate’s cat and I ended up taking him after we got… er, our lease ended.) I don’t get why people think it’s weird. It’s a companion that doesn’t require you to take it outside and clean up its shit afterward, like a dog.”


1. Joe Scarborough, host, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” This morning he wrote, “The Colonel visits the set after @morningmika drags my cute cat to set in her bag!” His cat is pictured above.