Art exhibit at University of Michigan honors abortion as awesome ‘life-sustaining’ act

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An art exhibit currently on showcase at the University of Michigan charts the glamorous history of abortion.

The “4000 Years for Choice” exhibit celebrates abortion as a “life-sustaining act,” reports The College Fix. Previously, the artist has called the practice “a gift from God.”

A University of Michigan webpage describes the exhibit as “an exhibition of posters about the age-old practices of abortion and contraception as a means to reclaim reproductive freedom as a deeply personal and life-sustaining act existing throughout all of human history.”

The webpage is sponsored by the women’s studies department.

The artist behind the artwork is pro-abortion activist Heather Ault, who has committed her professional life to the exultation of the joys of abortion.

In 2011, Ault won an award from the Abortion Care Network for work.

The University of Michigan exhibit includes dozens of festively-colored posters expressing the wonders of abortion and primitive means of contraception.

“In 3000 BCE, ancient Egyptians contained a contraceptive recipe numbered Prescription Number 21,” one poster explains. “It was called Recipe Not To Become Pregnant and called for crocodile feces, mixed with fermented dough, and placed in the vagina.”

Another poster touts a Greek physician who advised women to drink juice from the silphium plant, to destroy “anything existing.”

Another poster declares “Empower the Douche.” Still another proclaims “Rejoice Fumigation” and cheers the fumigation of vaginas with “contraceptive vapors” for millennia.

As the Fix notes, feminist art exhibit reviewers have called Ault’s paeans to abortion “bold, beautiful statements to celebrate choice.”

Not on display at Michigan are Ault’s “reproductive roots note cards” — motivational posters complete with emotional backgrounds for the fanatical pro-abortion set.

“Abortion is a gift from God,” says one of Ault’s note cards. “Anything 46 million women do every year can’t be immoral,” pronounces another. “‘Personhood’ for zygotes cruelly subverts the very idea of a culture of life and potentially criminalizes every pregnant woman,” asserts still another.

The exhibit will remain visible on the campus of the taxpayer-funded, flagship school in Ann Arbor through May 29 — in the main lobby of the Lane Hall women’s studies building.

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