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5 Dumbest Tweets of the Week

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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There was incredibly stiff competition this week as there was a lot of dumb shit out there. So much it was hard to wittle it all down to five. As American Spectator contributor John Tabin put it so eloquently this afternoon, “Twitter is really stupid right now.” Really. Just right now? Remember, if you don’t make the list this week, (cough! cough! TheBlaze‘s Oliver Darcy) there’s always a chance for you to be dumb next week, so don’t stress. Darcy insists none of his tweets are dumb. But I’m sure I can find a loophole in that statement.

Please ‘reach out’ to Gene Weingarten as often as possible

5. “Dear journo: Please stop using ‘reached out to’ when you mean ‘called’ or ‘tried to contact.’ ‘Reach out to’ is dewy 12-step lingo.” — WaPo “humor” columnist and Milk of Magnesia swigging Gene Weingarten, who has apparently turned himself into the word police. I REACHED OUT to him for comment, but…actually, no, I did not REACH OUT to him on this at all.

WTF? Who exactly is new to Twitter or Scandal? 

4. “If you’re new to @twitter and this is your first time hearing about @ScandalABC. It’s ‘must see TV.’ Don’t watch it for the politics. Okay!” — ABC and CNN contributor Donna Brazile.

Journo introduces Washingtonians to the concept of Spring 

3. “Well, hello crew teams on the Potomac River. #Spring” — National Journal‘s Ron Fournier. Tied for third place this week is Washington Examiner‘s Tim Carney, who fancies himself a budding Sam Champion: “It’s 21 degrees. It won’t be this cold again till November at the earliest. Hopefully.”

Speaking of budding Sam Champions…

2. “The cold really has a way of making you feel you will never be warm again.” — The Guardian‘s U.S. National Security Editor Spencer Ackerman.

This one takes the cake for dumb and who cares? Quite an achievement. 

1. “We discussed otters last night at dinner if any was wondering. Apparently I’m the resident expert on the topic.” — HuffPost contributor Broderick Greer.