Paramount’s Noah not worth seeing, according to religious movie organization

Brad Matthews Contributor
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Paramount’s Noah may feature the biblical flood, but it might miss out on a flood of money.

Faith Driven Consumer, a site which helped spearhead #IStandWithPhil, tracks the commercial viability of movies attempting to attract religious audiences this year. In 2014 — apparently the year for biblical films — Hollywood will try to attract 46 million faithful moviegoers who spend around $1.75 trillion annually.

The organization has five criteria used to assess how faith-friendly a movie or other entertainment product is. Faith Driven Consumer assesses a product based on religious relevance, the depiction of characters and their relationships, the depiction of situations within the stories, the movies suitability for families and entertainment value.

Paramount’s Noah, starring Russell Crowe in the eponymous leading role, only rates 2 out of 5 stars with them. The movie rated 2 out of 5 stars in relevance, character depiction and family suitability; rated 2.5 stars in the depiction of situations; and only merited 1.5 stars in the entertainment value category. According to the full review here, the film portrayed Noah as a ” homicidal maniac hell bent on killing his own family members.”

“Having now seen Noah, we are disappointed to report that the film misses the boat,” Faith Driven Consumer founder Chris Stone said in an issued statement.

According to the organization’s open letter to Hollywood, they “remain profoundly invested in advocating for entertainment choices that appeal to Faith Driven Consumers, and are eagerly anticipating numerous Bible-themed offerings this year”.

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