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Can Republicans win the War on Women? [VIDEO]

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In an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller,  Live Action president Lila Rose ridiculed the Democrats’ “War on Women” mantra, calling the “fear-mongering” used by pro-choice advocates “assault rhetoric.”

“We don’t want to be pitted against our children — no woman wants that — but that’s what the political climate has done,” Rose said. “It has pitted us against our children and against our fertility, as threats and that is something that is completely disempowering to a woman and has a whole host of other problems that comes with it.

“The real face of the war on women is someone like Tonya Reaves who was killed at a Chicago Planned Parenthood at 24-years-old, hemorrhaging to death basically in their clinic until they finally four hours later called the ambulance, leaving behind a one year old son Alvin,” she continued. “What we have done with this “War on Women” mythology, this rhetoric that somehow, to empower women, you need to give them abortion and hormone drugs — that’s the whole political discussion… treating their fertility as a disease and getting abortions and synthetic hormones to them. [That] is straight up insulting to women.”

Rose urged Republican candidates to confront “War on Women” rhetoric as they encounter it on the campaign trail.

“Engage. Don’t be afraid. You will miss every shot you don’t take and that’s whats happening in elections right now,” she said. “This is a winning issue for us. The extremism of the left which is for abortion any time, any reason, late term abortion, sex selective abortion … they are for government funding of abortion. The vast majority of Americans and women, they are out of touch with. That needs to be pointed out aggressively and our Republicans that are pro-life they need to be unafraid about that… There are pro-life Democrats out there, pro-life women who are Democrats out there. They should be speaking their mind, too.”

Catch part two of Lila Rose’s interview with The Daily Caller tomorrow.

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