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Silicon Valley startup seeks “egotistical little shithead…” The Onion has a story about a startup seeking a fresh young hire. “The ideal piece-of-shit candidate would be infuriatingly young yet still view the world with a fucking insufferable air of superiority.”  Read the full story.

Oprah brings BFF Gayle King on a cruise… Seriously, besides first lady Michelle Obama or maybe her latest project, Lindsay Lohan, who else would she bring? Of course Oprah brought CBS “This Morning” host King on the cruise with her to the Virgin Islands. “Their special intimate friendship has endured an impressive 38 years,” writes the Daily Mail, making it sound like a romance novel. Another included nugget: “Not seen with Oprah and Gayle was the legendary talk show host’s partner of 28 years, Stedman Graham.” Read the delicious details here.

Ohio University students upset that higher-ups didn’t get bigger name… Turns out students at Ohio University don’t want Chris Matthews as their graduation speaker. And they had no say in the matter. Not everyone is displeased — College Dems are pretty happy about the liberal MSNBCer giving the speech. Last year they did have the bigger name of President Obama and before that, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio). See the story in the Columbus Dispatch.

Tommy Christopher allegedly has a “real nose” for bullshit… Mediaite‘s ex-Tommy Christopher is moving on to the liberal Washington, D.C. startup The Daily Banter. Editor Ben Cohen took an obvious crack at BuzzFeed in quotes to Politico, saying, “We want to do that the right way, without resorting to ’17 Cats That Look Like My Grandma’ lists, or annoying viral videos. Tommy gets what we’re doing, and I think he’ll be a huge asset to the team.” Read here