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Air Force appears to be screwing over journos in FOIA requests

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The U.S. Air Force conceivably has no idea that some journalists actually are journalists. At least when it comes to FOIA requests from news organizations such as the AP, ABC, CBS, NBC, LAT, NYT, Chicago Tribune and a ton more.

MuckRock, which tracks public records requests, has the report on the list of people and news organizations released by the Air Force that it has classified as “commercial” as it relates to FOIA requests. Requesters falling under the commercial category reportedly pay most for their orders. Even MuckRock‘s own staff has been categorized under “commercial.” They explain that the categories include 1) commercial requesters 2) education, scientific or news media requests and 3) everyone else.

Hell, even NBC’s Pentagon correspondent Jim Miklaszewski is on the commercial list as well as – go figure – The Air Force Times.

MuckRock has filed a FOIA request for Air Force procedures regarding protocols and procedures.

No doubt it’ll likely be tucked away under “commercial.”