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Breitbart News hostage free at last

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Miracles do happen. Larry O’Connor is out! His byline has not appeared on the Breitbart News website since December 18, 2013. Which is because the WMAL morning host had at least one foot (and probably an arm and several other body parts out the door) as sources say he enthusiastically wanted out of his contract. The contract forbade him from writing for any other publication.

O’Connor has confirmed to The Mirror that he no longer works there. But he declined to comment on it any further.

He began working for Big Hollywood when it launched in 2009. As many know, the contractual details over at Breitbart News are fierce. Many journalists sign multi-year contracts that put them under a variety of constraints and rules. Just because you might want out doesn’t mean they’ll let you go without a fight or red tape that takes time and complications to sort out.

Congratulations to O’Connor for your conscious uncoupling from a site you wanted to leave several months ago.