Couple who received pre-marked voter registration card fears gov’t retribution

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The couple who brought a pre-filled out Obamacare voter registration card to the attention of the media, has not stepped forward because they fear government retribution.

The unnamed La Mesa, California couple made national headlines over the weekend when they received a voter registration card from Cover California that had an “x” pre-marked in the box next to the Democratic Party.

The wife told The Daily Caller Tuesday in a phone interview that she knows of at least two other people who have received similar letters — one in San Yisidro the other in Chula Vista Urbana — but she said they are too scared to step forward.

“They’re actually waiting for me to be audited, harassed,” she said, adding they want to see what happens to her before they say anything.

According to the wife, the reason she and her husband want to stay unnamed is also due to fear.

“The thing is I’m a gun owner and Armor Guns just raided this last month by ATF, even after a restraining order was in place. They were after the clients lists,” she said, noting that she has also heard rumors that doctors have asked patients about gun ownership.

She also expressed fear about the IRS coming after her.

“We’ve got the IRS, gun owning, Obamacare, they are all interlocked now and it is just getting tighter and tighter and tighter around our necks,” she explained.

To be sure, she said she and her husband are already registered to vote and do not miss elections.

“You can’t bitch, if you don’t vote,” she said.

The wife added that she is working on getting her friends to step forward, or at least get copies of their registration cards.

Covered California spokeswoman Anne Gonzales told TheDC that the Obamacare exchanges is mailing voter registration materials to all those who apply for health insurance plans and have mailed out 500,000 packets so far.

“The registration forms come directly from the Secretary of State’s office, each with a unique serial number and bar code for tracking,” Gonzales told TheDC. “SOS has a protocol for mailing out voter registration cards and tracking who was assigned which batch of serial numbers.”

She added that the exchange contracts the voter registration mailing out with a mail house.

“Tampering with cards is illegal and is a serious violation of state voter laws. If anyone believes this has happened, they should immediately contact the Secretary of State’s office for investigation,” she said. “That contact information is found in the text of the letter included with the forms. The Secretary of State is responsible for investigating claims of election law violations, including tampered or altered voter registration cards.”

The wife told TheDC that they have reached out to the Secretary of State’s office, but said they were put on an automated response line. The Secretary of State’s office did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Gonzales noted that the the Mesa couple is the only incident of pre-marked voter-registration she has heard of to date.

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