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April Fools’ Day : Humor :: St. Patrick’s Day : Drinking

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Just kidding! It’s not Amateur Hour at all.

Here’s what you’ll see right now if you go to Netflix.com:


Ha ha, get it? Because it’s a 73-minute movie of a rotisserie chicken going around and around! Who would watch that? LOL!

Hey, did you hear that Gary Coleman is taking over for Ben Affleck in the Superman vs. Batman movie? Which is weird, because Coleman is dead! How could that even happen? It’s just so crazy! Laugh. Laugh, damn you!

All you have to do is think of something that’s very unlikely, and that’s the “joke.” It’s the opposite of humor, because the whole point of the day is to flout reality.

Gotcha! April Fools! Ha ha ha, etc.

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Jim Treacher