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Starbucks apologizes for barista drawing Satanic messages in latte foam

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Just because their coffee is gross as hell doesn’t mean they need to make it literal!

It could be that I’m just falling for an April Fools’ joke here, but hey, what the H-E-double-toothpicks. Lynda Edwards, Daily Advertiser:

Starbucks has apologized to a Louisiana schoolteacher who complained that a Baton Rouge barista drew Satanic symbols in her coffee foam.

It all happened at the Mall of Louisiana but was promptly liked and shared via Facebook by approximately 1,800 people…

Megan Pinion posted the complaint and a photo of her two beverages. One had a star drawn in the foam, which she conceded could simply be a star like the one in Starbucks logo rather than Lucifer’s pentagram. The other beverage had a 666 drawn in the foam. It is a number the Book of Revelations links to the Antichrist.


Of course, this is just a lighthearted tale about an impish barista offending one of those humorless Christians. It’d be another thing altogether if a Starbucks barista did something that offended, say, a Muslim’s religious sensibilities. That’s racist no matter what color the Muslim is. Or if the barista ticked off a gay person, which would be adequate cause for a nationwide smear campaign against the chain.

But no. It’s just one of those silly Christians. They’re probably not going to go after your advertisers or threaten to kill you, Starbucks execs. This apology will be sufficient.

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Jim Treacher