Washington, DC consumes more wine than any other state

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Washington, D.C. crushes far more wine per capita than any other state, which is quite impressive considering the fact that John Boehner only lives here for part of the year. (Shut up, we know D.C. isn’t a state. Semantics.)

According to Business Insider, D.C. residents consumed 26.3 liters of wine per person last year. Maybe if we could all just get along, people wouldn’t have to hit the bottle so much, right guys?!

New Hampshire was right behind the District with 19.6 liters of wine consumed per person in 2013.

Wine consumption by state


The Northeast dominates every other region in wine drinking, probably because everyone we are all so much more refined up here.

Residents of West Virginia drink the least amount of wine — just 2.4 liters per person last year — which may or may not have to do with how much meth they smoke down there.

Where does your state/federal district rank on the lush scale?

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