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Bath Time

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger

In case you’re contemplating plastic surgery in the DR… it’s nice and beachy, but try thinking that through carefully before you head off to the Dominican Republic for lipo. See here.

It’s a bad day when you have to worry about your porn… The Guardian reports that News International‘s Rebekah Brooks‘ hubby Charlie Brooks wanted his porn kept under wraps on the day she was arrested. Priorities, right? There were DVD’s and mags. Just an obvious question, but why was it hidden behind bins in an underground car park of the couple’s home? Read here.

“My Arabian Night: How an Obama pool stop went viral”…  Politico White House correspondent Carrie Budoff Brown has this amusing first-person account of being Twitter famous in Saudi Arabia. Find out how she did it. And the thing is, she definitely wasn’t seeking fame. Her feed quadrupled to 15,000 followers, some of whom promised to unfollow her after she stopped tweeting pictures of scenes at the airport and King Abduallah’s desert retreat. But they apparently fibbed because she’s up to 17.1K followers as we speak. Follow her at @cbudoffbrown. See her first-person story here.