Common Core-aligned curriculum makers can’t even count to 20

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Common Core math has been sold to American parents as a superior way to improve their children’s critical thinking skills and make American kids more competitive on standardized tests against kids in other countries.

This entire school year, however, the reality in public schools across the United States has been a never-ending litany of frighteningly stupid lessons put out by publishers using the Common Core State Standards.

The latest sad and hilarious example comes from parent Mina Boyd in Columbiana, Ohio, reports.

Boyd’s kindergarten daughter came home with a worksheet with a circular array of apples on it. “Count and Write 20,” the worksheet explains in the top left.

The problem with the Common Core-aligned worksheet is that there are just 19 apples to count.

“They ask her to count and write 20. So she counts … counts again and again,” Boyd said, according to Eagnews.

“I’m just glad she was smart and said ‘they’ messed up,” the frustrated mom added. “If they are going to enforce this then they better double and triple check their work books so they are accurate.”

The math curriculum used by the kindergartner’s school is GO Math! says Eagnews. The publisher of GO Math! is Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Note the bold and capitalized words “COMMON CORE STANDARD” in the top right.

Count to 19 Eagnews for insert

The constantly burgeoning inventory of sad and hideous Common Core math problems is basically endless at this point.

Last month, for example, a frustrated dad posted his kid’s absurd Common Core-aligned math homework on Instagram. (RELATED: ‘Why are they making math harder?’ More absurd Common Core math problems)

In February, a group of Common Core-aligned math — math — lessons oozed out of the woodwork which require teachers to ask students if the 2000 presidential election was fair and which refer to Lincoln’s religion as either “liberal” or nothing. (RELATED: Common Core MATH lesson plans attack Reagan, list Lincoln’s religion as ‘liberal’)

In January, The Daily Caller also brought you a surreal, subtly cruel Common Core math worksheet. (RELATED: This Common Core math worksheet offers a glimpse into Kafkaesque third-grade hell)

In December, Twitchy found the most egregiously awful math problem the Common Core had produced yet until that point. (RELATED: Is this Common Core math question the worst math question in human history?)

In November, Twitchy collected several more incomprehensible, unintentionally hilarious Core-aligned worksheets and tests. (RELATED: EPIC FAIL: Parents reveal insane Common Core worksheets)

It’s not just math, either.

The very small of amount of literature – as opposed to “informational texts” – mandated under Common Core is also a real treat. In September, TheDC brought you the story of a angry mom whose son’s 10th-grade class was required to read “Dreaming in Cuban,” a highly minor novel featuring Hugo, who “entered” Felicia “repeatedly from behind.” (RELATED: Fifty Shades of the Common Core: how much porn is too much for high schoolers?)

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