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Journalists around town get puke packs

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The White House Correspondents’ Dinner weekend from hell is coming up. So MommaLu, a new woman-owned small biz in D.C. created by Jennifer Jenkins, has created a “sick sack” that may come in handy sooner than we think. As the pamphlet reads, “Great for those super snotty moments.”

Journalists around Washington have been receiving these specialized care packages perfect for the post puking hangover. Sure, it’s supposed to be for flu symptoms. But why worry about the flu when you’ve got the aftermath of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner to look forward to?

The packs cost $30. A same day delivery charge is $15.

Some of the more interesting items in the pack include Vicks VapoRub, gargling salt, nasal spray, and ointment. Other, perhaps more comforting items, include chicken soup, tea, honey, cough drops, lip balm and tissues.

photo-92So far, those who’ve received these beautiful homespun packages include:

Kate Bennett, Washingtonian Mom
Elizabeth Thorp, Capital File 
Scott Thuman, ABC7
Cathy Merrill Williams, Washingtonian
Eun Yang, NBC4
Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner
Barbara Harrison, NBC4
Karen Travers, ABC
Sarah Baker
Jummy Olabanji, ABC7
Alison Starling, ABC7
Janet Donovan, Hollywood on the Potomac 

The Atlantic‘s Emily Lenzer also received the package. “Thank you @CourtneyCohen for the Puke Pack! I feel so prepared,” she wrote on Twitter.

ABC’s Karen Travers remarked, “This is adorable & clever-@MommaLuRX delivers flu & cold care packages to your door. Sweet gift idea for sick friends.”

Washington Life’s John Arundel seconded Lenzer’s thoughts, saying, “Thanks so much. What a lovely ‘Puke Pack!'”