Richard Nixon’s alma mater now leads the nation in free condom dispensers

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The formerly Quaker liberal arts college from which former president Richard M. Nixon graduated in 1934 now boasts the largest number of condom dispensers on any single American campus.

Whittier College, founded in 1887 and named after Quaker poet John Greenleaf Whittier, now has no fewer than 15 dispensaries of free condom sprinkled throughout its residence halls, reports the Los Angeles Times.

According to The Daily Caller’s math, that’s one condom dispenser for every 110 or so undergraduate students at Tricky Dick’s alma mater.

All told, there the dispensers will hold about 40,000 condoms.

That’s about two dozen latex-sheathed sexual encounters per undergrad—far more if the students are having sex with each other.

“This was an unusual level of support because Whittier is such a small school,” Lori Mizuno, director of public health for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, told the Times.

The Southern California school has installed the condom dispensers as part of a campaign to promote safe sex.

The condoms will be labeled either “Love” or “Icon.” An outfit called Condom Nation will provide them.

Tony Marshall, program manager for Condom Nation, promised to keep Whittier’s dispensers supplied with thousands of fresh prophylactics.

“We never want them to run out,” Marshall told the Times. “The college is making it easier for students to be safe. It’s awareness.”

The 24-hour dispensers are apparently the fancy kind, too. They can cost up to $200 a pop.

Junior Bobbi Marie Mendoza was instrumental in bringing the dispensers to campus. The sociology major said she wanted to give students more flexibility when obtaining condoms. She also wanted her peers who utterly fail to think ahead to be able to avoid the embarrassment of having to ask a resident adviser or go to the health and wellness center.

“Sex is very personal, so this will be less embarrassing and no shame to it,” Mendoza told the Times.

In addition to Nixon, America’s 37th president, other famous Whittier grads include legendary NFL coaches George Allen and Don Coryell.

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