Charles Barkley: ‘There’s nobody cheaper’ than Michael Jordan

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer

NBA legend Charles Barkley says the two richest and most famous athletes in America are also among the cheapest: Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods.

In fact, Barkley claimed during an appearance on TBS’ “Conan” Thursday that Jordan slaps his hand when he gives money to homeless people on the street.

“There’s nobody cheaper than Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan,” Barkley said when host Conan O’Brien asked him to name the cheapest athletes.

“I always give homeless people money,” Barkley boasted before expounding on Jordan’s supposed frugality. “And he’ll always slap my hand. He always says, ‘If they could ask you for spare change, they can say, welcome to McDonald’s, can I help you please?'”

Barkley then added Woods to his list of cheap athletes.

“I think that’s why they’re rich — because they don’t tip,” Barkley mused about Jordan and Woods. “It’s a fine line — it’s a very fine line.”

In contrast, Barkley discussed how he has given tips as large as $25,000 to casino dealers.

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