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Duck Commander guns & gear giveaway

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If Willie Robertson says it, it must be true! GUNS Magazine is excited to unveil its Duck Commander giveaway package—complete with Duck Dynasty memorabilia.

The centerpiece of this awesome giveaway is the Duck Commander Mossberg 930. It’s a versatile 3-inch autoloader engineered from the hard-hitting 935 Magnum design, and is perfectly suited for the blind. Standard features include a drilled and tapped receiver, Mossberg signature top safety, dual-vent gas operating system and a stock spacer system. Because it’s part of the special Duck Commander series, it also comes with full dip in Max-5 camo by Realtree, premium Tru-Glo, Tru-Bead dual color front fiber optic sight and the Duck Commander logo engraved on the stock.

On top of this, the lucky winner will also receive eight duck calls, two hats, a bandana, a signed catalogue and picture, a hoodie and a lanyard specifically for duck calls—talk about hitting the jackpot!

The only way to win is to enter, so please send in your postcards or visit to enter online.

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