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Award-winning journalist Bill Gertz dismantles Obama’s provocative policies of appeasement [VIDEO]

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In an increasingly dangerous world where most Americans are distracted by busy lives and domestic politics, an award-winning national security reporter, Bill Gertz, is watching a radical, progressive transformation of America’s image and capabilities.

And Gertz is underwhelmed with Republican efforts to challenge, expose or stop the changes that are already underway.

He has spent 30 years in the news business and now works as a senior editor of the Washington Free Beacon, a online site for investigative reporting, and as a national security columnist for the Washington Times. An author of six books with significant contacts and experience, he is known for breaking important national security and intelligence news.

He agreed to speak with The Daily Caller to connect the dots between America’s threats and an array of utopian Obama policies that put Americans at greater risk. To Gertz, Obama is “remaking America into a European socialist power.”

In this two-part video interview, Gertz says Obama’s statecraft can best be summarized as “appeasement-oriented policies.”

“Those have translated into supporting America’s enemies and really being neutral or opposed to America’s friends and allies,” he said. “In a nutshell, that’s really where the Obama administration is. It’s kind of advanced much more now in the second term to a very liberal agenda, looking at America as the cause of all the world’s evils and really trying to focus attention on his domestic agenda.”

Gertz goes on to review the realistic intentions and capabilities of China, the nation he thinks is our biggest threat outside of radical Islamic terrorists.

Speaking about Putin’s expansionist moves, Gertz notes the “failure of the Obama administration to understand power politics. They have been obsessed with appeasing dictators like Putin, whether it’s through missile defense or whether it’s through other arms control agreements and they’ve really failed to understand the true global threat posed by Russia.”

“To me, this current world situation of appeasing Vladimir Putin is very similar to the way that Britain appeased Hitler in the run up to World War II,” he continued. “Dictators don’t respond to appeasement. They take it as a green light to continue further aggression, further hegemony, and they [Obama officials] really need to rethink their policies towards Russia. I don’t think that’s possible. They are totally wedded to the liberal notion that we live in a non-confrontational global environment.”

Gertz cites former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld as saying, “weakness is provocative.” With Democrats and independents now increasingly believing President Obama is not respected in the world, only time will tell if America’s weakened stature in the world will invite peace or conflict on America’s shores. Our long-time allies are certainly confused.

Watch Part 2:

A previous portion of the interview discussed why the media has failed to hold President Obama accountable.

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