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“Weiner’s ex asks: What’s normal? 

“Rob Lowe’s face makes me very angry. Is that a normal reaction?” — former Anthony Weiner enthusiast and porn actress Sydney Elaine Leathers.

Deep thoughts with Broderick Greer 

“I end days like today with a smile on my face. Unexpected turns can become occasions of joy.” — HuffPost contributor Broderick Greer.

Saturday sighting of Peter Orszag

“Peter Orszag sighting on this Acela train.” — Slate‘s Jamelle Bouie on Citigroup’s Orszag, a Bloomberg View columnist and formerly Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

Can Strobe Talbott put a sentence together or what? 

“Tuesday, 3 days after the great Peter Matthiessen’s death yesterday, his last novel will be published. Title: ‘In Paradise.'” — Strobe Talbott, president, Brookings. His friends call him Hemingway.

Journo doesn’t want you to splain shit 

“So annoying when people try to fact-splain and logic-splain. I mean check your ‘knowing stuff’ privilege.” — BuzzFeed‘s Ben Smith.

Who knew? 

“Who knew the Portland Oregon airport would be a bustling place at 5 AM Sunday?” — Kathryn Jean Lopez, NationalReviewOnline.  

Journo does yard work off the sauce 

“Did yard work w/o a beer for the first time since middle school. Not as fun as I remember it being.” — Washington Free Beacon‘s Bill McMorris.

And now a word on CNN’s missing plane coverage

“At 10pm Friday night, CNN has its 6-‘expert’ panel on what we don’t know about MH370. The commitment is amazing!” — The Atlantic‘s James Fallows.

To porta-potty lovers everywhere


“Don’t you love starting your morning in a porta-potty?” — Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham.

Um, just a coincidence? 


“This cartoon appears in my piece this week. Some have suggested my editors may be trying to send me a message.” — The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza.