Not-so-friendly mascot punches a guy right in the face

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Mascots are generally considered to be cute and cuddly. But this wasn’t the case for the Chicago Cubs’ unofficial mascot, “Billy Cub,” when he punched a bar goer Saturday after the man removed his mascot head.

The description of the video posted on YouTube basically said the bar patron was asking for it. “This guy was out with a bachelor party,” wrote Renae Kondrat, who also shot the video. “He tried to trip the mascot three times and then threw himself into the mascot in an attempt to start a fight. The mascot ignored all of this until he got his head pulled off.”

John Paul Weier, the man who usually plays Billy Cub, told the Chicago NBC affiliate that his brother Patrick Weier was filling in for him that day.

Julius Green, a spokesman for the Cubs, said that although Billy Cub is not officially associated with the franchise, they’ve received complaints about him before, as the cub has allegedly sworn at game-goers and Wrigley field staff.

“This behavior is wholly inconsistent with the enjoyable fan experience we try to create at Wrigley Field,” Green said.

They’ve sent him a 100 page cease and desist letter citing allegations of trademark infringement. Weier says he won’t stop wearing the costume and is prepared to fight for his right to do so in court.


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