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The Koch brothers must not be allowed to thwart the will of Chuck Schumer [VIDEO]

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The Democrats are all for diversity of opinion, as long as you agree with whichever lies they’re telling today. Otherwise, anything goes. That’s why they’ve decided that running against the Koch brothers will help them in November.

How do we know that? Because smart guys like Chuck Schumer are saying it out loud!

Schumer and his little pals are scared that the Koch brothers’ logical, fact-based, liberty-loving message will resonate with voters, so they’re trying to poison the well. They can’t point to their successes, having none, so they’re appealing to the dumbest of the dumb: their base. “Get the Koch brothers! Attack! Spread the word!”

If you don’t believe me, check out the comments to this post. The name “Koch” is a siren call for screeching leftists. Which is kinda fun to watch.

November is gonna be great.

(Hat tip: the Right Scoop)

Jim Treacher